Last-Minute Moving Checklist

With so many things to take care of before you move, there is no such thing as being too prepared. Even if you have hired movers to assist you with packing, moving, and unloading, there are many things that you will have to see to yourself to ensure a smooth transition. This checklist will help you stay organized as you get ready to move into your new home.

Medical information: If you are moving away from your health care provider, you will need to choose a new one near your new residence. Your current doctor may be able to refer you to health care providers in your new neighborhood, and you can visit your insurance provider’s website to determine which medical professionals in the new area will be covered by your policy.

Once you have chosen a new health care provider, you should contact your current provider to have copies of your medical records forwarded. You should also ask that your prescriptions be forwarded to your new neighborhood pharmacy in order to prevent delays in obtaining any medication that you may need.

Finances: If you currently have a bank account with a regional bank and you are making a long distance move, you should consider opening a bank account in your new town and transferring your money. By changing your account to a local bank, you can avoid high ATM fees, as well as the hassle of trying to correspond with representatives by phone or mail.

Insurance: Be sure to inform your insurance company about your move in order to avoid service interruption and to ensure that you retain adequate insurance coverage.

School records: Obtain copies of your children’s school records to prevent any unforeseen offers.

Memberships: You may need to transfer or cancel your memberships with clubs, associations, or gyms that you are enrolled in. In a situation where you have to cancel, do some research about your new area to find out if there are similar clubs there.

Returning borrowed items: Make sure that you return borrowed items such as library books and DVDs to avoid any unnecessary charges.

Dry Cleaning: Make sure that you collect all of your clothes from your dry cleaner before you move.

There is a lot to do and remember when you are getting ready to move to a new home, but with the right preparation, you will be able to transition smoothly into your new life. The checklist above will help you remember to take care of all the little things before the big day.